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The bedroom is a room you can’t really avoid, so make sure it’s not one you detest going into because of the tatty blinds or lack of light control. Read our short and handy guide to choosing your ideal bedroom blinds in a flash.


Venetian blinds will let the light flood in during the day, especially with the wider slat choices. This creates a light & airy space for you to enjoy during the day, making the whole room feel cleaner and fresher. If you’re not an early bird, or you work the night shift, we highly recommend pairing your bedroom blinds with a set of blackout curtains to block out the light as much as possible.


Choose a monochrome colour scheme to keep fashion conscious teens up to date. Rigid vertical blinds are a pretty hard wearing product, and have no weights or chain to get tangled up in. They’re just like the usual vertical blind we know and love, but made from PVC instead. Their ease of use and simple design will keep your teen happy and stress free in their own little part of the house.

To transform your bedroom into your private retreat, choose a luxurious roman blind to create a real cosy atmosphere. With over 2000 fabrics to choose from, it’s easy to find something that matches your style perfectly. With blackout lining & chrome chain as standard on all of our roman blinds, it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice for bedrooms.